TCI steel & friction plates pack identification for AOD

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TCI steel & friction plates pack identification for AOD

Beitrag von medbali76 »

Hello Guys

I found a TCI steel & friction plate pack in my garage and I cant identify what transmission this belongs to.
There is no any number on the pack that could help, probably I bought a complete TCI rebuild kit several years ago and this pack was not used up.
I have a feeling that this is for a Ford AOD but I am not sure.
I anyone here who is professional in rebuilding AOD or other US made automatics and can help to identify?
There are 3 different sizes of friction and steel plates in the pack. 18 friction plates and 18 steel plates totally. ( 10 small, 5 intermediate and 3 big sizes of steel and friction plates )
Thank you.
TCI clutch pack.jpg
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